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“Though conceptually simple, the Radar Screensaver earns our respect thanks to a stacked feature set and a lack of adware. The program displays an accurate depiction of a radar device as it scans your screen, emitting blips and sounds from time to time. We really appreciate the high degree of user configurability this screensaver offers. You can specify traffic intensity, rotation speed, and grid style, and you can change the color of the beam, the grid, and the markers. Radar Screensaver also let you fine-tune many specific aspects of its appearance, such as whether to display a contour map or terrain noise. Although we were grateful this screensaver doesn't bloat your PC with adware, we should mention the demo version will only run for 20 minutes at a time. We think this program will be most appropriate for science and electronics buffs.”
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“A great radar simulation. The many realistic radar controls make this a very fun screensaver to run.”
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“Over all an exellent scr. Many features and exactly what I was looking for. Great job!”
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“Pros: Being a sci-fi fan and long time aerophile this is one of the coolest svreen savers I have seen in a while. Great attention to detail. Cons: Would like to see(hear) some radio chatter or perhaps a way to have your own waves play while the screen saver is running”
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“Easy to install. Futuristic design. Great screensaver!”
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“Pros: This baby must have been a real labour of love for it's designer/programmer. Lots of user-options to customise the colours; grid type; sounds; scan speed and number of contacts visible. Kina relaxing to watch too; I've found myself gazing at the thing for ages. The only way you could improve its realism is by rigging a revolving trash-can lid to your roof! Cons: No cons really; apart from having to pay for the full version, but that's no great deal for this kind of quality. Might consider adding various samples of ground-to-air radio traffic as on option in future versions.”
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“Pros: I am an aviation buff and have scoured the net for something like this -couldn't find anything. This product has superior design, user configurability, incredibly realistic, and got compliments when my colleagues walked in. I can't wait to see what the next concept on the drawing board is. Not too pricy but worth it! Well done. Any plans for a sonar screensaver? Cons: Nothing of import comes to mind. Perhaps adding a list of additional sound fx that the user can select from.”
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“as cool as i think this screensaver is now...i would have really gone nuts for it as a kid...makes my monitor screen look like something important is going on”
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“Pros: This product is extremely interesting to watch. It is unlike the usual visual effects or scenery in that a realistic looking routine is taking place. If you like aviation, you will like this one! Cons: Possibly needs recordings of air traffic control transmissions.”
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Howard Foster

“I enjoyed the trial copy of this screensaver and will be purchasing the paid version. Only problem is I run multiple monitors and thought I could have a different display on each monitor, but they are all the same. Other than that, great screensaver.”
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James Quirk

“The installation was a breaze. and the screensaver is like running a real radar.”
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“Color choices a plus”
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“Pros: The radarscreen sweeps and the colors constantly change while numbers and objects keep changing. The colors are intense but not eye-straining or garish. Everyone who sees it on my screen is wowed by it. It's absolutely gorgeous and brings out that little kid in you that watched all of those sci-fi shows way back when. But it's totally realistic and not kitschy at all; completely state-of-the-art. Awesome!”
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“Looks great with adjustable color features and some other option. Any screen saver without spy-ware/ad-ware is worth a try in my book.”
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“As close to the real thing as I've ever seen. Not the usual space-filler, this program is an example of total immersion and interaction with the programmer and the program. This is not just another screen-saver, it is a tool for learning.”
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“Pros: What really is nice is the amount of options you have, amount of traffic, looks of the radar. Cons: the background looks abit vague, you cant tell what it is, sea, land, sky...... but this is just a minor point”
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Rev. John R. Page

“I was attracted to this screen saver, because my father, Dr. Robert M. Page, was the original inventor of radar (1934, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory) and the Plan Position Indicator, the famous rotating display which is depicted by this novel screen saver. Thank you, programmers.”
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“I fully enjoy the comments from other workers around the cubicals they all are wondering where the cool screen saver came from and how do they get it.”
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“Has the feel of a real radar screen. keeps my son entertained”
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“Unique screen saver. Looks like a real radar screen”
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“Pros: The most realistic and interesting screensaver I have ever used. Cons: None”
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“Looks very good. One of the best dual monitor screensaver I've seen. ”
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“Pros: Graphics are really nice need some sounds like atc talking or pilots to really round out this wonderful little program. Cons: Had to uninstall because it kept freezing when i tried to change some of the properties might be my comp. looked good though.”
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“Pros: I enjoyed the trial copy of RADAR screensaver and I will buy my the full version. I hope to see an up-grade that will simulate an aircraft fighter Radar Display with voices, warning attack sounds and threat display in the radar. It will be much fun and a HOT sell. Cons: Does not have a version for an fighter plane radar display with sound effect. It will be much fun.”
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“Pros: Its the best screendsaver I found so far. It shows a very realistic radar image and there are lots of settings to customize it. I like the dual monitor option. You can change the color of the beam from green to blue or orange or let it rotate between these colors. Cons: You will need a high quality video card to get a realistic radar image. I had a 64MB card and it ran very slow. After I upgraded to a 256MB video card, it runs great.”
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“Pros: After having looked for ages, for an ATC screen saver that's worthwhile its name I've finally landed. Radar Screeensaver is not a flashy screen saver but a user experience that brings you to the reality of air traffic control. It also contains a nice set of controls to play with, in order to further optimize the end user experience. Tip of the day: If you're a real ATC fan, just add a live feed from any of the airport towers and you've made the day!”
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Marc Houben

“Its the best screensaver I found so far. It shows a very realistic radar images.”
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“A totally unique screensaver more apt to be watched in lieu of something to simply "protect" the monitor from burnout. A fantastic piece of software.”
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“Pros: Nice Graphics, Awesome Color Shifts! Cons: Doesn't seem to work well (slow) on my new VAIO desktop; probably the integrated graphics chips vs. a seperate graphics card.”
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“If you are into Flight sims, are a pilot, or just like kewl screensavers, this one will become one of your favorites quickly. The simulated ATC, weather and all around look of the screensaver is a very nice addition to any computer users repertoire. Enjoy.”
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“Realistic; small memory footprint; easy to configure.”
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“There is lots of stuff to look at and is just different then most screensavers.The more you can program into a screensaver the better it is.”
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“Worked well,no freezing up. Visually interesting, looks real.”
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“"Radar Screensaver is a modern and outstanding screensaver which is able to turn your video display into a screen of a fabulous radar watching the skies, seas, and near-Earth space." This is how the author describes this little screensaver which is true. I spent hours sitting there watching. Very well designed and easy to install and configure. This is a must download for everybody! No adware or any other bundled apps, just a clean work of art.”
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“This screensaver is about as real as it gets when compared to the real thing. Fabulously realistic!! I don't imagine how one wouldn't want to purchase, especially after they've had the trial period. Colors, sights, sounds, all of it, makes this screensaver well worth owning. Buy it!!!!! You'll see for yourself!!!!!!! Gerry----over & out!!!!!!”
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Below are awards and ratings given to Radar Screensaver on popular software directories and sites.

Bob's Software Picks : 5 : 5
Award for Best : 5
Biz2Consumer : 4
BrotherSoft : 5 : 5
CNET : 4
Download2you : 5
Download3000 : 5
EuroDownload : 5
FileCart : 4.5
File Transit : 5
GlobalShareware : 5
HotLib : GOLD : 5
ITShareware.COM : 5
OneKit : 5
ProgramURL : 5
Shareware Connection : 5
Shareware Plaza : 5
Shareware River : 5
SmartDownloads : 5
Sofotex : 5
Soft32 : 5
SoftHypermarket : 5
SwiftDownloads : 5
Top Shareware : 5 : 4
123 Free Download : Editor's choice
Discount Files : 5
PopSoftLib : 5
BlueChillies : 5
SoftForAll : 5
SoftListing : 5
SoftPedia : 100% Clean

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