Downloading Radar Screensaver trial copy


Your download should start shortly. If downloading has not been started, use the following link to begin downloading an installer file: radar-ss_setup.exe.

If you receive file damage or disc error while downloading installer executable, try downloading the same file in zip archive:

Note: Windows® XP Service Pack 2 may be blocking your download. The latest versions of Internet Explorer (Windows XP Service Pack 2) pop up a little yellow bar at the top of the screen that informs you a download has been blocked. To continue the download, you can right-click that bar (called an information bar), and select Allow this download.

The size of file is about 2.59 MB, so downloading it may take up to ten minutes with 56K connection. If you have faster Internet connection, like DSL, the download will take less time.

100% Virus-Free guaranteed. We always take full virus detection on the files before we release the Radar Screensaver to web server.

Spyware-Free guaranteed. We guarantee that we do not make spywares. We highly respect our user's privacy. See our privacy policy for more information.

No ads. We will not install any ad-component on your computer.

Uninstall is supported.

After finishing, run the downloaded setup file and follow the instructions to install your copy.

You will have 21 days to evaluate the Radar Screensaver. The trial version has no functional limitations, only time-based: it will run in color first 20 minutes and then will smoothly switch to grayscale. Of course, at next run you will see it in color again for another 20 minutes.


Order the full version to get:
  • Unlimited time of operation;
  • No reminder messages;
  • No reminder windows;
  • Free software updates.

We accept payments by:

VISA Master Card American Express Discover JCB PayPal
  • Bank transfer,
  • Check/money order.

The ordering process is going on a secure site and will take few minutes. You will receive your key code immediately after order completion.

30-day moneyback

All orders are backed by our 30-day unconditional moneyback guarantee.

We offer following discounts:


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