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Affiliate program

When a user clicks on a banner or button or link from your site to Radar Screensaver site the link is tracked. Even if the user purchases much later the purchase will be credited to the your organization.

It is really that simple. It costs nothing to join, there is no risk, and it really works. Not only can you earn revenue, but since the software can be downloaded and tried before purchase it is a terrific way to at add content to an existing website.

As a convenience to our partners Radar Screensaver supports two affiliate programs. Both affiliate programs use a wrapper technology which ensures that all affiliates are compensated for any referrals that result in a sale.

Join eSellerate's Affiliate Program

Join RegNow's Affiliate Program

Create an account with one of these companies and set up as an affiliate for the Radar Screensaver.

Add links and Radar Screensaver graphics to your website. Begin promotion of the Radar Screensaver.

Wait for the checks to come in.

Our basic affiliate commission rate is 10%. If you sell more than one copy per a day (it is easy enough), you begin receiving 20%. More sales – the more commission rate. If you will be able to sell more than 50 copies per a day, we will increase your commission rate to 50%! In this case your daily earnings will be $500 or more!

Information sections

Promotional materials – Graphics and screenshots.

PAD file – Detailed information about Radar Screensaver (Portable Application Description).

Permissions to include Radar Screensaver on CDs

Our distribution policy allows for vendors to freely distribute the shareware/evaluation versions of the Radar Screensaver. If you wish to distribute the Radar Screensaver, you may obtain the most recent versions from our download page.


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