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Information for resellers

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Version history

Version 1.72 (28 June 2008):

  • Windows Vista DEP compatibility problem fixed

Version 1.71 (28 November 2005):

  • Santa Claus tracking mode added
  • minor performance and compatibility fixes

Version 1.70 (31 August 2005):

  • graphic engine is Open GL-based to improve compatibility
  • AWACS mode added
  • satellite identification mode added
  • redesigned markers and sector displays
  • path tracking markers added
  • detection logs added
  • new grid set "Gamma" added
  • stylized message box added
  • new user interface design
  • minor performance and bug fixes

Version 1.60 (6 September 2004):

  • significantly improved performance, 100 FPS at Pentium-III is now possible;
  • phosphor fading now is much more smoother;
  • added clouds noise; clouds are moving through sky;
  • terrain noise, clouds noise and terrain contour map are made procedural, that decreased distributive file size at a half;
  • added one more outstanding hi-tech grid "Alpha";
  • screensaver can produce sound after object detection and during marker flashing;
  • colors can vary simultaneously, so you never will see same colors for different elements;
  • object marker displays a direction vector;
  • screensaver starts its animation slightly faster due some initializations it does in background;
  • object markers flashing independently of the FPS;
  • settings tab of the configuration window redesigned;
  • maximum available antenna rotation speed increased twice;
  • minor performance and user interface bug fixes;
  • 30-day unconditional money back is now guaranteed.

Version is 1.5.0 (15 May 2004):

  • object markers;
  • contour map projection;
  • advanced effects are now reflecting geometric image deformations;
  • different monitors can display different images;
  • new grid set "Ultra";
  • ray rotation direction clockwise/counter-clockwise;
  • bidirectional antenna;
  • user interface is redesigned and now it is more compact and usable;
  • purchasing and registration procedure is changed, now it is easier and does not require Internet connection to activate the software;
  • on-line help is redesigned;
  • fixed bug: screensaver crash on exit under Windows'98.

Version 1.0.1 (9 March 2004):

  • radar grids are stored in separate files and can be selected from the list;
  • old grid was enhanced, added new one ("Thin");
  • multi monitor configurations are now supported;
  • display settings tab is redesigned;
  • preview image is now shows small animation, not the logo;
  • GDIPLUS.DLL file is no more required (it is not included in Windows™ 98/Me/2000);
  • performance was improved, especially at animation preparing stage;
  • memory allocation bug is fixed (it was able to crash the screensaver during operation).

Version 1.0 (26 January 2004). First public release.


You may help us to translate user interface and online help file. The reward for it will be a free full copy of the Radar Screensaver. It is included into Radar Screensaver text package noted below.

Translating this product is quite easy. First of all, you must translate the language file with interface elements named "english_locale.xml".

Partially, the locale file is shown below. Translate and change only red-marked items. Name a new file accordingly to language. Note, that language name must be written on English.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
<LOCALE language="English" helpfile="Radar Screensaver Help (English).chm">
<PAIR key="@10005">Automatic</PAIR>
<PAIR key="@10006">Display</PAIR>
<PAIR key="@10007">About</PAIR>

Another file that must be translated is "Radar Screensaver Help (English).chm" that is located in same directory. It contains online and context help. This file is compressed html code, so it will not be easy to decompile it. We packaged all text information which needs to be translated into single zip file. You can find it at

Contents of the file:

README.TXT Short information about the Radar Screensaver.
LICENSE.TXT End user license agreement.
ENGLISH_LOCALE.XML User interface language file.
CSHELP.TXT Context help topics file.
XXX.HTM Help topic files.

After you translate these files, pack them into archive again and send it to We will do the rest to make a final language package. After we publish it, you will be able to review it. After publishing the package, you will be rewarded with a free registration code.